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  On the way to Zhongshan Station, Antarctica, the Snow Dragon 2 and the Snow Dragon ship were one after the other, and sometimes accompanied by each other. "Ssangyong" met several times. They fulfilled their missions and guaranteed more than 1,000 tons of scientific research materials. Safely unload at the marginal ice zone closest to Zhongshan Station. At this moment, the "Double Dragons" are precious to each other. In order to complete the 36th Antarctic scientific research mission, they each shoulder a new mission and head to different sea areas.ethereum pos change,  From the investigation and punishment situation in the first 10 months of 2019 , a total of 45,369 issues were investigated and 63,831 people were handled , which decreased compared with the same period in 2018 , which shows that the increase in the "four winds" issue has been effectively contained and implemented. The spiritual results of the implementation of the eight central regulations have been further manifested.

  Overseas net 12 Yue 4 (Xinhua) The United States will be so-called "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act" signed into law, caused strong resentment among the people of Hong Kong. 12 Yue 3 days, a large number of Hong Kong to the United States Consulate General of protest by the United States related to the "Act" refers to the part of the Chinese territory of Hong Kong, the United States can not be rude interference in China's internal affairs.ethereum pos change