Competitor keyword analysis ①、Analyze the URL connection, whether you are using the main domain name or the inner page? ②、Keyword distribution position, is it the result obtained by word segmentation or a complete match? ③、Check the position of the keyword in the title, whether it is in The first and repeated appearance, is the website doing around a word? ④. Look at the external links on the homepage of competitors, such as link:,, domain: www.dtsyd. com/ ⑤. Look at the scale of the website, including the domain name age of the website, the amount of indexing, the update mechanism and the Baidu snapshot time.How to make money from miners,TOP5: Didi Shunfeng and the Rainbow Chorus launched the "Spring Festival Self-Saving Guide: Going Home" Wu Sheng (founder of Scene Lab): Didi Shunfeng and Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Choir created a cross-border work "Spring Festival Self-Saving Guide"— "Homecoming" is the best example of the keyword "scenario flow", a new species.

4. To make a good money-back guarantee, it must be clear and unambiguous. Facing a virtual e-commerce website, customers are always worried that the shoes they bought will not fit their feet. What should I do? You can refer to the website, which offers 365-day free returns.How to make money from miners